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Well, 2020 was certainly one for the books. When I think back to this time last year, specifically the way I curated last year’s guide, it is very clear that a global pandemic was nowhere on my periphery. I have found myself putting off looking at this (hello, New Year’s Eve eve edit session) because I don’t want to be reminded of the ambitious goals I had in mind for myself. They remind me, as if I needed any additional reminding, that the year didn’t quite pan out how I had hoped. Not only did I not reach the majority/any of my goals, but I also think I may have regressed a pinch. Things that were supposed to increase, like patience, kindness, and self-control, have actually decreased. The things that were supposed to decrease, like screen time, anxiety, and weight have incidentally increased, some more than others and all more than I’d care to admit. So riddle me that, 2020.

But I think there is something to be learned from the goals not reached, experiences not experienced, weight found, not lost, and so on. I know that I am guilty of being a well-intentioned, overly-idealistic visionary with a tendency to dream far beyond my abilities and overcommit when it comes to making resolutions (i.e. “run marathon” every year since 2011). And I think that if 2020 has taught me anything, it’s been revolving around the theme of simplicity. Maybe I don’t need to have 10 different goals In 10 different areas; maybe instead I need one goal, like “listen”, and take that with me through the myriad of moments that make up each day. Maybe doing one thing mindfully and consistently for a year will yield some actual change.

I am no goal-achieving expert over here. Just hopeful to navigate 2021 with a little more grace, mental fortitude, and self-control than last year.

Before you get started, I encourage you to prepare your heart and mind to look back over the past year. I flipped back through my camera roll through each month to help me remember the moments that made up this year. Contrary to popular belief, there were some really great moments.

I encourage you to invite God Into the process of reflecting, remembering, rejoicing, and reorienting. This might not be a complete-in-one-sitting kind of exercise, so intuitively pace yourself as you process.

I don’t know what your year has held, but if you’re reading this, the Lord has seen you this far. We can celebrate his faithfulness, if nothing else.

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