week 3: winter guard. affirmation. hardwood floors. drive therapy. consistency.

What I learned about God: God is consistent 

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever”

– Hebrews 13:8

How comforting! In this ever-changing world I get to look to the only one who is consistent. How rich to know that God’s goodness is absolute, and not relative to my circumstances. When I’m going through difficult seasons I am tempted to think and react in a way that suggests God’s goodness is relative. By that I’m referring to the mentality that says: ‘if times are good, God is good; but when times are bad, God isn’t as good as he once was.’ This is a hollow, man-made philosophy. If Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever, that means the same goodness, kindness, relentless love and unbridled patience are just the same today as they were 2000+ years ago. That means that when my circumstances are stinky, God’s goodness is no less than it was when my circumstances were lovely. God’s goodness is not contingent upon what I momentarily do or do not have. What comfort!

So, my prayer in response to this verse is that God will give me eyes to recognize his goodness in every situation. Recognizing that this will be more difficult in certain situations than others, I am confident that He will help me find his goodness regardless of the situation. I’m excited…

What I learned about myself: I love simple pleasures

I found myself grinning ear to ear this week over a few very simple things. Enjoying little things makes life a whole lot of fun! Here are some things that I got to do/ see/ experience this week that made me smile:

catching people dancing by themselves in the car. affirmation fests.  Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald. book stores. hammocks. hardwood floors. new towns. (thank you Springfield, MO and The Coffee Ethic) living near water. making things with hot glue and napkins (cue bed skirt for my bamboo crib) sunny days in the winter. driving… anywhere and everywhere; it’s therapeutic. wholesome wear swim suits.

Trying to decide which color I want for Kaleo this summer....

What I learned miscellaneously: winter guard

Winter guard is like color guard, only lose the band. My friend Sarah is on the Winter Guard squad for her high school and there was a big competition this past weekend in Springfield. I had never been to this sort of competition before, and so had a lot to learn.

1. Winter guard is not limited to flags. A performance also includes riffles, swords and interpretive/lyrical dance.          2. Winter guard squads get to have shout outs before they perform. While the squads were setting up, the announcer would read silly inside jokes and ‘hey girl/boy hey’s’ to the squad members.                                                                                  3. B.Y.O.T. to your competition… that means, bring your own tarp to spread out and perform upon.

Very fun, new experience! I feel so cultured, now!

winter guard

Picture of the week: 

Sunrise junkie... sorry im not sorry

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